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Casey's Corner 2



Casey's Corner 2
So here we are in Dublin. Sunshine again for us. We are bringing bluer skies with us. We got here and met two gals from Houston Texas, Jessica Heather. We went around with them and had lunch at a pub. They let us put our bags in their hotel. Room which really helped out on the backs and feet. It was a great time. Stephen and I then went to pick out a hostel and sent heather and I in to talk, and find the best one (as was our personality type). There was a very Irish guy Johnny that came out to greet us and offered 10e a night. As it was less of a dodgey place we accepted. Stayed with a polish couple fun fun. Now we are on the train to Galway. 

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Perspective makes an adventure.


The train to Galway.
Before I begin with the events of yesterday I have to put my thoughts of the moment down. We are heading west across the mid country of Ireland at the moment. The tracks mostly have been covered by hedges that block us from view of the populated areas. Every now and then though, the hedges clear away and some amazing monument is seen. It makes my heart leap to see these buildings as we go along. I find myself uninterested in the modern areas so much that at times I get restless and impatient. And then I see one, a church or a ruin or an old old government type building that once again makes me realize I'm really in Ireland.

Yesterday we passed my finally stress test; we were able to bring our bags on Ryan Air no problem! It was really my last major concern. On the flight in to Dublin Casey used his mad social skills to help us meet an American girl that is teaching and getting her PHD in Dublin. Erin was her name and she gave us several tips on how to get into the main section of Dublin. When we exited the airport (Irish customs were much nicer) we were a little hesitant of where to go. "Oi lads" was the first thing we heard. Now, I feel like I'm pretty good with accents, but this Irish guy that was asking where we wanted to get tickets to was going just a bit fast. (I know you're speaking English dude but I'm sorry for the blank stare!) Finally I figured him out and we got on the bus. Lo and behold Erin was already on the bus and gave us several more tips. It was a good thing because we landed with no idea where we were going to eat or even stay the night! No mom, not scary, AWESOME! :)

Dublin: anyone that knows me, knows that castles and ruins are my obsession. It's the thing that I've been dreaming about and the one thing that I'm more excited about than anything. When we arrived in Dublin I had to check my perspective or I was going to lose a whole day to disappointment. Dublin is amazing all on it's own but I was impatient for castles! Dublin is pretty modern but very full of personality. So instead of hopping on the train to head to the west, we went to the local information center to see what Dublin might have to offer. To my surprise I heard a girl next to me say "That's sweet!" Americans! I said hi and struck up a conversation with Jessica and Heather from Houston. They were just getting ready to head and see the old stuff that I wasn't even aware of! Boo ya! Castle time. We went up to see Dublin Castle, Christchurch, and St. Patrick's Cathedral. These were built before the 1200s! I have pics on my camera but need to find some place to get them on a computer. We then headed to a pub for lunch, served by the epitome of what you might picture and Irish barman to be. The day was spent with these two cool girls taking pictures and laughing. Later in the evening we finally assuaged my growing need to find a place to stay and went hostel hunting. Johnny Flaherty popped his head out and offered us a place to stay with Internet for 10 Euro each. Killer deal! The only catch was that we had to stay in the same room with a couple from Poland. Yeah mom this was a bit more weird but wasn't going to stop us! Johnny was a fun guy with the perfect Irish accent. He told me what my name was in Gaelic. I can't remember it exactly but it sounded a bit like Shteven de Warge. There was more in the middle but he told me that Ward was a northern Ireland name and was associated with the bards that would travel from town to town singing and telling stories. He said my name would have meant Stephen the Bard. Cool I know :) I'm grinning as I write this. He also said that McElroy was a northern name and popular near Belfast. After joking around with Johnny and meeting Ola and Voitek from Poland, Jessica, Casey, Heather and I went out for more site seeing. We stopped at a pizza shop that offered "Pizza slice and Can of Drink 4 Euro." After my mushroom and bacon slice and my "can of drink" it was dark enough for the lights of Dublin to come out. Gorgeous city at night! My favorite picture was of a court building that is along the river. Again, I'll post pics when I get to a computer. We said goodnight to our knew friends after a long day of walking and went to the hostel for the night. Perspective altered = great day in Dublin.

PS it's hard for me to take pictures. What types of videos and pictures does everyone want to see? Of us? Of buildings? It's hard to remember, so little audience participation might help!

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Casey's Corner Part 1

The first day

Well well well, plane trip was good met two people from Yakima heading to Amsterdam, two icelanders, heading to the Philippines and the israel guy. Pretty long trip very little sleep for me, my head still feels tired today. I woke up at 1:30am ready to get up but it was still really dark outside and fell back to sleep finally at 4:00am. Still a wee bit tired now. Dave fed us alot of food when we got there so that was good. Listened to really cool band with harmonica really cool but so tired was I. On the plane to Dublin and ready to eat some food see ya.

P.S. Here is a little video of Finchingfield the morning we left.

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The first day.


(disclaimer: I feel like I'm writing a lot of words. I can't understand why you would take the time to read ALL this, but I hope you enjoy it if you do)

As I'm sitting here in the airport in England, I thought it would be a good idea to write up how our first day went. We are getting ready to fly to Dublin, but yesterday we spent our first day with our first host in Finchingfield. So let's start at the beginning when we arrived at Heathrow Airport, London. Actually let's star with a little blurb on Iceland.

I really only have a few things to say about Iceland. I had my first profound moment when that icy shore loomed up out of no where. I know that icy rock ending in the ocean doesn't sound that cool but I have to tell you, it was surreal. Seeing that was like nothing I had ever seen before. I felt in that moment, like I was definitely far from home and somewhere foreign. You know how when you fly to another part of the states it is hard to register that you truly are THAT far from home? Iceland makes you feel like you are REALLY far from home.

England: I feel like I'm a pretty smart guy and pretty quick on my feet. If you ever want to really feel flustered and fall to pieces on less than 5 seconds, come meet the British customs officials. Now, I realize that these people are most likely trained to be short and almost rude, but I still left my official with a red face and hoping that we would meet someone nice soon. After a little wandering around, Casey and I found ourselves on a coach (bus for you American folks) on our way to Finchingfield to meet David Wingate, our first host. Driving on the opposite side of the road didn't really bother me, however, looking out the window and seeing a child in the " driver's" seat still makes me do a double take. David picked up us in his Toyota Celica and off we were. The buildings over here are so cool! I will do my best to post a little video I took of the main square in Finchingfield. There are thatched roofs everywhere. It all feels so very English. When we arrived at Davids we were happily fed some dinner, then took a walk around the village. Everyone knows everyone here and I love that. A fun fact is that every house has a name and that is how people identify houses! How cool is that? Davies house is called Mercers. He showed me some old documents of ownership of his home dating back to the mid 1700s. Finchingfield was a Roman village back in the day. Finchingfelda I think it was called though I'm not sure on the spelling. History! We think our buildings are old if they are a few hundred years. Last night we went to a concert at High Barn. This building is 800 years old and was used to store King Henry VII's wheat! Are you kidding me??? I posted a few pictures of HighBarn and a few other sites in the village. Our flight leaves in a few minutes so until next time, enjoy the photos I posted and I'll post more as it come along. Next stop Ireland!

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Gotta Run

Off to Dublin

Hi All. I posted some pictures of our adventures in Finchingfield. No time to talk about it yet. Gotta run to the Airport! Enjoy the pictures.

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