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Casey's Corner 4



Casey's Corner 4

Well we got to dingle and to our host French lady little different when we got there but it worked out she has 4 kids older son second daughter emily 13 and and two younger kids. She made us dinner pretty good and we. Went walking around an met an English man and his wife Tony and Denise. We took them to a pub that had live music and Tony bought us my first pint of bulmers cider Stephen second it was pretty good. Hung out with them listening to bag pipes and guitar and some penny whistle thing 'twas freaking saweet. Then met two Christians from Nevada. And two other Americans. so needless to say lots of Americans here.
        But today Friday we woke up and ate breakfast then went on about a 30 mile bike ride and it was the most beautiful day out every. So much so we got toasted like lobsters and got some great pics and vids. Plus we both got lobsterfied yes yes a sun burn in Ireland. we might be coming back tan. It had to have been like 76 degrees F. It was pretty awesome. We stopped several time along the way including a leather shop that was a 2 mile detour and then back to the regular road, a bee hive house area which was 2 euros to see, Fort something that was next to the water and cliff, and a really nice beach area which we spent a little while there. So we left about 12.00 and got back little befor 7:00pm really fatigued. Then went and had some fish and chips which was delicious. And then went to the house and ate omlet and rice and full i was. Then off to the pubs to listen to live music with more Americans haha. A few locals. 

Either my voice is going from yelltalking alot in the pubs or I'm gettin sick kinda sucky. We woke up late this morning 9am and caught the bus at 10:15ishto Tralie and spent an hour and a half there to get on the train to kalarny which is what we are waiting for right now....

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Galway Round Two

The Cliffs of Moher

sunny 75 °F

(it's been awhile since I posted due to poor Internet, but here are the events of the last few days)

After a surprisingly good night sleep in a room with 10 other people, ranging from Finland, the USA, and France, we woke up at 8 ready for our first full day in Galway. Today is one of the days that I have been looking forward to the most since I decided to take this trip; touring the Cliffs of Moher. Everyone that I have talked to that has been to the cliffs say it is amazing. I get worried when people say that because I don't want it to be a let down after all the build up. We were planning on taking a tour with Joe and Rae so we all met in the lobby of the hostel and made our way down to the train station. Casey and I had gone out, after we got ready, to a little market in Quay street to get some food before the tour. They have these ham and cheese loaves o' bread that are amazing. It's bit of ham and cheese cooked in to a plate sized loaf for only 2.50 euro. Oh yeah. So back to the tour. We arrived at the bus stop and to our dismay realized that Casey and I had signed up for a different tour company than had Rae and Joe. Terrible! Thankfully Erin showed up and was on our tour. John was the name of our guide. Older chap with the a quick wit and hilarious sense of humor. I think things are funnier when said in a dry Irish accent. So as we made our way out of Galway city, John would tell us facts about the economic boom, the Irish Tiger, that had happened and how now Ireland is nearly bankrupt. I had no idea. Our first stop was Dunguaire Castle. Very very cool. It was our first opportunity to get off the bus and actually touch history. Its about time we started seeing castles! The castle was closed and we were not allowed in to the court yard to my great disappointment. The castle sits right on the edge of the bay but I can't remember the history behind it. Since it wasn't open I took some great panoramic shots. After only ten minutes we had to be back on the bus and I knew right then that I would have to come back to Ireland and rent a car. How in the world can you really appreciate history in a rushed ten minutes? I need to touch and breathe the history. I need to sit there with my eyes close and picture battles and people living there without tourists jostling for pictures! Yes, I count myself apart from the throng. We then headed around Galway Bay down the coast toward the cliffs. In Ireland, to see ruins and castles, all you have to do is look out the window. They are everywhere. This brings me to reason number two for needed to come back and tour in my own car. We passed a ruined Abbey and I felt my heart jump out of my chest and smack up against the window. I'm dying here! John informs us that the Abbey would have been a popular site in the region where monks would have come to study and teach, and we pass right by. My eyes are bulging out of my head trying to soak it in as we pass. I'm seriously contemplating jumping off the bus! Further down the road we drive by a castle that was built by the O'Niell family, one of the most prolific tribes in all of Irish history. I stared at it until it was out of view because of this darn Non Stopping Bus!  Finally on to the cliffs.

I noticed that my anticipation had been building the whole day for this. I sure hoped they would live up to the hype. When we got off the bus I noticed I was already way ahead of Casey and couldn't slow down! The cliffs just loom up in to view as you get closer to the edge. I remember just thinking "whoa". As we walked closer there was a guy playing the penny whistle with his hat out. It's impossible to be irritated by street performers because they are all amazingly talented. As you get ever closer to the ledge the cliffs grow and grow. I hate to say that my first look at the cliffs was underwhelming. The reason being is that the view you first see is the exact view I've been seeing on the Internet for months. Here though, is the magic of the cliffs. The more you walk around and see different angles, the more your awe and humility grow. At this point I had been planning to give myself a "moment" at the cliffs. I pulled out my iPod, put on my head phones, and played Paul Cardall's "Redeemer". I hate to admit this and be vulnerable, but I tear up just recalling that moment. That song plus watching the waves crash and the birds whirl and absorbing the majesty and size of the cliffs has been one of the most amazing moments. Oh, I forgot to talk about the rock walls that are ALL over Ireland. I remember hearing that the walls were started over 1,000 years ago to divide the lands. As time went on the lands were divided among the children and then among their children and so on. A thousand years if building these walls makes sense because they literally are all over the country. It would have taken that long just to gather all those rocks. They truly are a marvel. No mortar of any kind and the rocks can range from the size of a dinner plate to much bigger. These walls even run up the mountains and over. These people had serious motivation. I figure the reason there are so many green fields of grass and pasture is that they picked up every single rock in the country for the walls. The last site we visited was a 5,000 year old burial ground. I have some picture of these rocks stacked on each other and I can't believe they haven't been pushed over by some dumb group of teens. So perspective: USA = less than 300 years old: Burial ground = 5,000 years old. Need I say more? 

Later that evening after a bit of rest we reconnected with Liam, Rae, and Joe. We headed out into the mist filled night in search of dinner. I heard from a canadian fella (whom I only ever saw in the common room at the hostel reading a book. Dude you're in Ireland, go outside) that Finnegan's had a bunch of good food for cheap. It wasn't exactly hard to convince my cohorts to go. I had bangers and mash! Fullest I've been since David fed us in England. From there we go on to the last night of pubs and fun in Galway. We headed to Monroes because we had heard that there was going to be Irish dancing. Instead there were yelling soccer fans watching the game. An experience in itself. There is something much less stinky and dirty about Irish pubs as compared to bars back home. Bars back home are rather depressing to me, whereas Irish pubs are lively and welcoming. We left in search of some music and ended up at the King's Head; live band included. In the spirit if the night I bought myself a pint! No, not a Guinness, but a cider called Bulmers. It's a refreshing little draft that actually reminds me of Arbor Mist. The five of us made our way to the center of of the action by the band who just started playing "Hey Jude". At this point the whole pub began singing along. Are you kidding me? At that moment I absorbed and appreciated the fact that I was in a real Irish pub with a pint, singing along with friends and the Irish!

As I head to bed my heart really begins to sink at the prospect of leaving Galway and the people I've met that have made the experience. It's a terrible and amazing thing to experience Ireland with like-spirited travelers and then have to part, knowing you may never see them again.

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Casey's Corner 3



Casey's Corner 3
So yesterday met a few new people. An Na, Rai, and Joe. German, Aussie, and Californian. Some good looking people. Did the pubs gig with live Irish music and some burrs/beers. 

Today we got up and went on the cliffs of Moher tour. It was a beauty. Got some good video of that as well as a few castles and ruins. Now we are just chillin in our hood waiting for An Na to get off work to go to eat some food. I am also on drugs right now for a nice migraine. So am doing good now. Stephen and I are starving so Cheers!!

It is now 11am the next day sitting on the train to To somewhere on our way to Dingle. Last night was pretty fun when I was heading to bed we got to talk to Anders a guy from Sweden, kysar (guiser)  and gal from Finland and her friend, aswell as a drunk American guy. We laughed for about two hours. While Stephen was out with an Aussie and two other Americans livin the pubb life haha. Have about 5 hours to wherever we are going plus another hour and a half to Dingle. So until later.....

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Out of the city please...


Galway: I'm so ready to be out of the city! To the train! after a pleasant train ride we finally arrived in Galway. It was a bit colder here than in Dublin but not bad. Stepping off the platform you are immediately in the center of the town. It's a big open square with buildings all around. We decided to just start walking and see what we might. I love the feel of Galway! It's a coastal town with a great atmosphere. We hit one of the main streets, Quay Street and I got super excited! The streets are narrow and crammed with shops. I took video of it, but it's a pale comparison to actually having the wind in your face and the people all around and truly feeling like you are in a place that is only experienced in person. It felt like a movie set, but for these people is real everyday life. Pubs and shops and markets one after the other. The lowlight of the trip was that we needed the Internet to find a hostel. The low part was that McDonalds was the only place we found with a free connection. To get the free connection I had to spend a euro on a stupid sundae. It was worth it! We found the BEST little hostel ever! Barnacles on Quay street is smack dab in the middle if the action and only 12 euro a night with breakfast and internet. Casey and I dropped our bags and went all over Galway. We went to the Spanish arch which was a security check point of sorts when the ships from Spain would bring in their goods. I have a few pictures of them that I'll post when I can. And there is something about the sound of the gulls here. Tolkien talks about elves longing for the sea when they hear the sound of the gulls. I think these were the ones he heard. There's a distinct feeling you get when you are leaning on a structure of history and the gulls are crying and the sea mist is all around. You just have to be here to feel it. From there we just walked until it hurt too bad to walk anymore. It's fun just to go and hope you find your way back eventually.

In our hostel we saw posted that there was going to be a movie night. We ran up the street for something to eat and came back in time to head in to the movie. Who wants to go to Ireland to sit and watch a movie??? I had a plan to see how many people would show up and the convince them that we should all sit and chat instead of watch a movie.  Apparently I'm very convincing. We had a German girl that works at the hostel along with 2 other americans. We all sat and talked for about an hour and convinced the german girl, Ana, that she should take us around to the best pubs with live music. After rounding up the American guys, Liam and Joe, we also added Erin from California and Rae from Australia and headed to a pub! Live music was playing as we walked in. It was traditional music played by three older Irishman. Unfortunately we got there too late and they only played about two songs. So we headed out in the first rain we've seen to the Spanish Arch Pub. This is Ireland. I cannot tell you the atmosphere of hanging out with a group of people in a pub with Irish music being played live right behind you. A bag pipe, a flute, a fiddle, and a drum were all playing the fastest most amazing music ever. I made a few recordings that turned out pretty decently. Every time I listen to them, instant happiness. We stayed out till 11:30 and then headed back to the hostel. Tomorrow are the cliffs of Moher!

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YouTube please


It's a bit of a hassle to post individual videos, but if you want you can go to YouTube and find me. I'll be posting videos to that account because it is much easier to do!
My account is hangtime41

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