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I'm Sick of Paris

Get me out of here.

An early rise to say goodbye to Nico, and we now have no idea what we are going to do next. We figured we would brave the language barrier one last time and have crepes for breakfast. My apprehension is high because our time spent interacting with the French has been tough. I get a sense of distaste from the people here if we mess up our French or sound too American. I personally have had someone laugh at me when attempting to communicate. So needless to say, I don't really want to brave the crepe store. I do it anyway to stretch myself. We walk in and get a bonjour from the shop keeper. As Casey attempts to say that he doesn't speak French, in French, a woman bursts out laughing, and shop keeper immediately becomes aloof. We had a similar situation when we were running to catch the metro and we barely made it through the doors before they closed. I wiped my brow and said whew! Every eye was on us when I did that, but they all looked like we had just yelled in a library. I've had enough stares and whispers of "American". As soon as we left the shop, Casey said, "Let's get out of here." I can't put in to words how eager I am to get away from the French. So even though we have no idea where we are going to end up or sleep, we hope on the trains and head toward Switzerland.

We are finally away from the French and in Switzerland. People already are much friendlier. Now listen, I know that maybe my perception of the French could be clouding my vision, making me see what I want to see. But I was excited when we got to Paris to be with the people. I think my perception is accurate. Regardless, I have a bad taste in my mouth. We've been on the train barely five minutes in Switzerland and already there are ruined castles on the tops of hills and mountains. The first high point in the first real downer day of our vacation. On the train Casey was sitting separate from me and made friends with a Hungarian girl named Marta. She lives in Geneva. We decided to head to Geneva because a friend of ours had told us that he knows people there. We couldn't get internet so I was unable to talk with those people. Marta to the rescue. After talking to us for the entire 3 hour train ride, she personally took us to the hostels in town until we had a place to stay. Yay for faith in people! I'm starting to get the chills and have had a headache all day, so it was nice to find a place to sleep. Unfortunately, after the highlights of the castles and Marta, the worst day of our travels got worse. I was awake every half an hour with a fever and a debilitating stomach ache. Oh boy.

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So how are you feeling today, Stephen? I sure hope you aren't sick. But if you are, just cool it for a couple days and sleep it off. You know Casey, he'll be off finding people to talk with, one of his favorite hobby's and, I'd say, 'gifts'. Casey, you might have been anxious to leave Paris not only because you sensed rudeness but also bec. you could not strike up a conversation with the people. Love you two guys. I look forward to your blogs. Thanks so much for taking time to do this. Grama

by Viola Ward

A. Your grandma is about the cutest thing ever. B. I hope you are both on the upside of this illness soon!!!

by Erin

Erin~~nobody has ever said I'm 'the cutest thing ever'!!That was so "cute". Thanks...It made me chuckle...good way to start the day.

Stephen..how are you today? Casey..you haven't written for awhile. What's the latest with you? Your sight seeing in Paris sounds so exciting getting to see the things we've only read about. I'd love to be with you guys in Switzerland. Love you guys..Grama

by Viola Ward

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